Young Playwrights Festival

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Submission Instructions

We're going virtual this year!
Submissions open February 1, 2021

Thank you for your interest in the Franklin County Young Playwrights Festival for grades K-12! We’re very excited to read your play! Please read through the submission instructions below before submitting your play.

To have a better understanding of how the reading panel will evaluate plays, its recommended that you review the Scoring Rubric.

Download Scoring Rubric

Submission Deadline Extended: April 15, 2021

Young Playwrights Festival

Formatting and Submission Instructions

Formatting of Plays

  • Plays are limited to a 10-minute running time which equates to approximately 10 – 12 type-written pages *
  • Plays should be written to be performed virtually using a format such as Zoom or Google Meet
  • Content and language must be school age appropriate
  • Font size no less than 12 point
  • Use no less than double spacing
  • Pages must be numbered
  • Check list of items to submit:
  • Title page with ONLY the following information:
    Title of Play, Playwright’s grade, Playwright’s date of birth (No other identifying/personal information should appear anywhere on the script)
    List of main characters and short, succinct character descriptions

Submitting Materials

  • ALL pages to be submitted must be uploaded in SINGLE-WORD or PDF document only
  • Only ONE play may be submitted per student or writing team
  • Writing teams – each author must SEPARATELY submit the SAME script
  • Authors may NOT submit revisions of their work during the submission period. Any revisions may be made WITH THE AUTHOR’S PERMISSION AND/OR BY THE AUTHOR ONLY once rehearsals begin


* Stage Directions (within the script), the Title page and the List of Characters are NOT included in the page limit restrictions. The page limit restrictions apply only to the play itself; leeway is given when including stage directions – but the play itself should not exceed 12 pages

Utilize the fewest number of characters possible – best to limit main characters to no more than 5

Limit the number of set locations; 1 to 2 is an ideal number of locations to use. Please note that all locations will need to meet the requirements of the virtual format.

Use the KISS philosophy (Keep it Super SIMPLE!)


In order to best determine the running time of your play, read it aloud. If the reading panel believes your play will run significantly over 10 minutes, it will be eliminated from Festival consideration

These guidelines may seem confining, and to some degree they are, but they’re in place to best serve the Festival. Authors need to be very imaginative and creative in working within the parameters set forth. Those who do, stand the best chance of being produced

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Submit Your Play

Upload your play (with the title page and list of characters both on separate pages before the play and all in one document) and then click "Submit"

Please add to your safe senders list. If you don’t receive a confirmation of the submission or if you have any questions about submitting a play or need help with your play, call Kelly at 717-263-3900 ASAP.

Fill out the following information in order to properly upload your play. 
In the "Teacher" field, type in your teacher’s name.
 If you’re in middle or high school, type in your Language Arts or Drama Teacher’s name, or whomever you received the YPF information from. If you are homeschooled, type in your parent's name. When completed, click "Submit".

Only DOC, DOCX & PDF file formats accepted