Wedding Venue in Downtown Chambersburg

Every decision engaged couples make in regard to their wedding is significant, but some may affect the day more than others. Perhaps no decision will help couples set the tone they hope to establish more than their choice of wedding reception venue.

Wedding reception venues are where couples and their guests will spend the vast majority of their time on the wedding day, which is why choice of venue bears such significance. With that in mind, couples should consider hosting their reception at The Wood Center.

The Wood Center at the Capitol Theatre is a beautiful facility located in the heart of downtown Chambersburg and is the ideal venue for your wedding reception.

Consider renting this dramatically beautiful room located on the 2nd floor of the Capitol Theatre for your wedding event.

You have the freedom to choose an event decorator or provide your own flair. The Wood Center offers full bar service at your request, and a service kitchen is available for you or the caterer of your choice.