Looking for a fun and easy birthday party?

Capitol Kids’ Parties make it a piece of cake!

Capitol Kids’ Parties is dedicated to making your child’s birthday celebration fun, engaging, unique and most of all EASY!

Parties held in the Wood Center

Capitol Kids Parties

Included in the party package

  • Customizable party theme
  • Leadership of imaginative and interactive activities based on the theme of the party
  • Identify a special take-home item which each child will decorate
  • Enthusiastic, theatrically experienced birthday party leaders
  • Decorated environment based on the theme of the party
  • Paper and plastic service-ware for food
  • Tables, chairs, tablecloth
  • Your child’s name “IN LIGHTS” on the Capitol Marquee

What you need to provide

  • Invitations and RSVPs
  • Food and Beverages
  • Candles for cake
  • Goodie Bag for guests to take home (optional)
  • Party Hats, Noise Makers, etc.
  • Supervision and responsibility for all children, including those who disrupt the party

General Information

Parties are available on Sundays between 2:00pm and 5:00pm. Duration of parties not to exceed 2 hours.

For information and to book a party send an email to: kkozlowski@thecapitoltheatre.org or call Kelly Kozlowski at (717) 263-3900

Parties Start at $200 / 12 party kids
Cost for additional party kids and other amenities available upon request.

Party Collaborators

Toy Box Gifts and Wonder
(717) 461-9954
Birthday gifts for the Birthday Child