The Chambersburg Ballet

The Chambersburg Ballet, under the direction of Artistic Director Brian Grant, has a mission to provide true classical ballet instruction and performance art in Franklin County. They provide the best possible education in ballet and associated disciplines to students age 3 and up, with individualized instruction in ballet, pointe, partnering, and classical variations (brief dances from the great classical ballets which equate to the study of etudes in music), master classes with Guest Faculty, as well as studies in jazz and contemporary dance forms, especially in the summer months.

The Chambersburg Ballet provides a nurturing, non-discriminatory atmosphere, where serious students can be on track to eventually transfer or graduate to a professional program, and recreational students can enjoy the best in training while enjoying family life, the study of music, and school activities. Teens and adults are welcome and encouraged to study. Performance opportunities abound, with professional guest artists providing inspiration as they share the stage with students of the Chambersburg Ballet.

The Chambersburg Ballet also has a regional dance company that provides additional performance and training opportunities.