The Capitol Theatre has been an anchor on Main Street and in the Community for 93 years! Virtually everyone living here has wonderful memories of attending shows, or being on stage, at the Capitol Theatre. We’re starting a project to collect your Capitol Theatre Memories.

The Capitol Theatre Historic Photo

Maybe you met your spouse here, snuck into the theatre to see a movie, saw your favorite entertainer or maybe you had a paranormal encounter. Regardless of what your memory may be, we want to hear about it and record it for posterity and to help us raise funds for the Capitol Theatre!

The Capitol Theatre Playbills

If you have a memory you’d like to share, please let us know now and we’ll contact you when we’re ready to start the record your memory.

Call or email Jon Meyer to let him know you have a memory you’d like to share. You can reach Jon by phone at 717-263-0202 x203 or email at by completing the form below.
Here is a sample of a Capitol Theatre Memory, recollected by our Board of Directors’ Chair, Ann Wagner: