We are very grateful to all those who, year after year, show their support as financial donors, loyal patrons and faithful volunteers. The Capitol Theatre has touched the lives of almost everyone who has resided in the Franklin County area. For many in the community, the Capitol is the “go to” place for quality arts and entertainment experiences.

For others’, it provides a creative outlet for performing on stage in plays, ballets, and concerts or working behind the scenes. Many memories have been made over the years watching movies on the big screen, attending live shows and listening to the mighty Moller Theatre Pipe Organ, which sounds as vibrant today as it did over 90 years ago.

You can be a part of preserving the Capitol for the children of today and future generations so they too can “grow up” with equally fond memories at the Capitol. Your gift in any amount will have an impact.

Capitol Theatre Center Foundation operates independently as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. Like most non-profit theatres throughout the country, Capitol Theatre Center experiences a financial gap between what it costs to operate the cultural arts center and the amount of money generated through ticket sales, facility rentals and concessions. We are able to close the financial gap, in large part through: grants; endowment interest income; marketing partnerships; and donations from individuals and businesses as part of the annual Capitol Forever Campaign.

There are many ways an individual, family or corporation can contribute to the Capitol Theatre Center Foundation. All gifts are greatly appreciated and may be tax deductible depending upon the type of gift and your own personal tax situation.

To discuss the possibility of making a gift, please call 717-263-0202.